Biden Cheered, Romney Jeered

Mitt Romney

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking Thursday at the NAACP national convention in Houston, drew cheers as he credited Obama for championing a landmark health care law and stepping in to rescue the financial system and U.S. automakers General Motors and Chrysler. “He has put country first,” Biden said. “I believe this election will come down to character, conviction and vision. And it will not surprise you – I don’t think it’s even a close call,” Biden said. “So it’s time, it’s time for the NAACP to do what it’s always done … To stand up. Make our case. Stand our ground. And make real our vision for America.” Biden addressed NAACP members the day after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told the convention he would do more for African-Americans than Obama.  Romney was booed when he said he’d repeal Obama’s sweeping health care reform law but otherwise got a polite reception. “I’m going to eliminate every expensive, non-essential program. That includes Obamacare,” Romney said. “If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community, you are looking at him.” After the meeting, Romney said he had expected the negative reaction. “I think we expected that,” he told the Fox Business Network. “I am going to give the same message to the NAACP that I give across the country, which is that Obamacare is killing jobs.”
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