Dorsey’s Locker Offers Meals for Local Seniors

Dorsey’s Locker, a family-owned soul food restaurant with a 70-year history in Oakland  has been selected to serve as the pilot restaurant in Alameda County’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), offering meals to seniors and others. The program, locally run by the county’s Social Services Agency and administered by the Food and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, provides prepared meals and other nutritional necessities to elderly, homeless and disabled people in the area. The meal plans offered by Dorsey’s Locker are designed to meet the needs of those who can no longer prepare food for themselves, cannot rely on the help of family members and cannot afford the cost of a caregiver or other for-profit meal services. The program provides cost-effective and reliable solutions, while still meeting the full nutritional requirements for good health and wellness at every stage of life. Since the meals are provided through the USDA’s CalFresh initiative, individuals in need can obtain these nutritional supplements through the benefits of their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards. In previous years, EBT cards were only eligible for the purchase of fresh food that still required preparation, creating challenges for the elderly and disabled population in need of prepared meals. The new Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, with the help of Dorsey’s Locker, addresses these issues by allowing recipients to order meal packages in advance and receive them ready-to-eat. Along with nutritionally balanced meals for those in need, the program offers relatives and family members the assurance that their loved ones are provided for in a convenient, affordable way. The Dorsey family began serving authentic soul food in Oakland in 1941 when Henry & Wilma Dorsey opened their family restaurant in West Oakland on 18th & Market streets. The business relocated in 1956 to Bosn’s Locker on Shattuck Avenue, where a cocktail lounge was added to the restaurant under the supervision of Clarence Dorsey, with the assistance of brothers, Tom, Armstead and Jack Dorsey. The restaurant was sold in 1986, but in 1996  a new generation of the Dorsey family reclaimed its legacy by forming Dorsey & Associates, Inc., to continue the business as Dorsey’s Locker. For more information visit
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