Hadari Askari, 15, Wanted to Be a Firefighter

Oakland is mourning the shooting death of 15-year-old Hadari Askari, a young man who dreamed of  of one day becoming  a firefighter. The teen was killed Tuesday night when someone shot him in the carport at his apartment building on Leona Creek Drive in East Oakland. He  had a dream of becoming a firefighter as a toddler, and this week he started attending an Oakland Fire Department mentoring program. Family members, friends and residents gathered Wednesday morning to mourn by lighting candles, hugging and crying. They placed teddy bears near the site of the shooting. On Monday, he started a seven-week internship with the Oakland Fire Department. “During orientation, he was very attentive and raised his hand with enthusiasm when asked who wants to become a firefighter,” Oakland Fire Chief Teresa Reed said Wednesday. “Hadari stood out to me. Life shouldn’t be like this for our youth. My prayers go out to Hadari and his family.” A high school student in  San Leandro, he planned to transfer in the fall to Skyline High School in Oakland as a junior.
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