Trees for East Oakland Schools

Plum Trees at East Oakland Pride Elementary.

East Oakland schools are receiving a $3,300 grant  to plant new trees, thanks to a 2012 grant to the Oakland Landscape Committee from the Alliance for Community Trees and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s People Garden Grant Program. The trees will be planted at East Oakland school sites, including the PRIDE Elementary School at 8000 Birch St. and Aspire College Academy at 8030 Atherton St, according to Gordon Piper, Oakland Landscape Committee Chair. The trees provided by the Peoples Garden Grant will deliver considerable health benefits by improving the air quality at the schools and in surrounding neighborhoods, Piper said. The program has already planted 25 new ornamental trees at PRIDE Elementary, and an automated irrigation system is being installed to water the trees. The trees included flowering plums, dogwoods, crape myrtles, and magnolias. Community volunteers planted many of the trees in April as part of a Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup project that involved over 500 volunteers in East Oakland greening projects. The next phase of the Peoples Garden Grant program will plant Japanese maple, magnolia and dogwood trees at Aspire College Academy Elementary. Tree planting will likely place during the summer at Aspire College Academy and help in providing new beauty to the landscape, Piper said.
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