PIC Provides Reentry On-the-Job Training

The Oakland Private Industry Council (PIC)  conducts an on-the-job training program to help the formerly incarcerated make the transition from prison to the community. Under this program, funded by the federal Workforce Investment Act, employers train people for specific jobs and are reimbursed at a certain percentage once the applicant starts the work assignment. Currently, the program reimburses employers at 90 percent or 50 percent depending on a client’s eligibility status. One of the clients is Robert, a formerly incarcerated participant who was placed at a local landscaping company, where he learned the basics of landscaping and other job-related responsibilities. Robert was trained by the employer as a landscape assistant and  has been so successful that he was promoted into a supervisory position. For more information on the on-the-job training employer incentive, contact Lowell Rice, Business Services Manager at PIC at (510) 768-4466 or lrice@oaklandpic.org; or Charles Turner, Adult Re-Entry Services Manager at PIC at (510) 768-4485, cturner@oaklandpic.org.  
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