Hollywood Executive, Preacher and Author DeVon Franklin

By Ashley Chambers

DeVon Franklin

A powerful man of faith, integrity, and purpose, Hollywood executive, author, and preacher DeVon Franklin recently shared an inspirational message for youth at Elmhurst Seventh Day Adventist Church in Oakland. As Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures, Franklin has achieved many successes, including “The Pursuit of Happyness,” “The Karate Kid,” and “Jumping the Broom.” Franklin, the author of  “Produced by Faith” remains humble in his roles both in the pulpit and on set. Franklin had words of wisdom and his own personal anecdote of how hard work and faith can lead to success as he encouraged the church to “let God direct your story.” This writer had a chance to sit down with the newlywed, recently married to “Think Like A Man” actress Meagan Good, to talk about his “Development” and “Production” stages in the story of his life. Ashley Chambers (AC): How do you manage it all, being a preacher and studio executive at Columbia Pictures? DeVon Franklin (DF): “I just try to create room for it all to work. The Bible says, ‘A man’s gifts make room for him.’ (Proverbs 18:16) In pursuing my gifts and using my gifts, God creates the room for the gifts to coincide, for there not to be a conflict but a nice synergy between what I’m doing in the pulpit and what I do in the studio.” AC: How was it to sit down with Oprah? (Oprah interviewed Franklin on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday, which aired June 17). DF: “I’ve always been a huge fan of Oprah and admired her. The opportunity to get a chance to sit down with her was awesome. It was nothing but God. We had a great synergy. So her catching the vision of Produced by Faith and being generous with her platform to help get this message to the world really was just humbling. She really was inspired by it, she was passionate about it, and our conversation was incredible. The response to it has been beyond what I could ever hope or plan for.” AC: On his marriage with actress Meagan Good DF: (Meagan) and I had to make this decision that we were going to put God first, in everything. Our goal is to bring a hope to this pop culture generation, to present a model of real love. Real love is about acceptance, it’s about compassion, it’s about long-suffering. We have both been blessed with some phenomenal experiences, and we were blessed so that we can help others and that’s what we’re committed to. AC: What’s next for DeVon Franklin, the producer and the preacher? DF: “Sparkle,” Whitney Houston’s last film, comes out in August. As the executive behind the movie, it’s just an honor to have been able to work with her and to be able to have a part in her legacy. As a preacher, my goal is to continue to build this message of “Produced by Faith” and use it as a cornerstone for the ministry and go where God wants me to go. Franklin’s latest production, “Sparkle” will be in theaters Aug. 17, and his book “Produced by Faith” can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Amazon.com.
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