Lest We Forget Chauncey Bailey

Chauncy Bailey

By Chanelle Bell Chauncey Bailey, the late Post Editor who won national acclaim, was considered a superior journalist and visionary by his peers. Bailey was gunned down while walking to work five years ago. He was killed just two blocks from the Post and was walking to a meeting with Post publisher Paul Cobb. He was brazenly shot down in front of a childcare center at the peak of morning work traffic. The suspects were tried and convicted last summer and are now serving  prison sentences. Each year, on Aug. 2, the Post staff, friends and clergy have gathered at the corner of 14th and Alice streets to conduct Christian and Buddhist religious services to honor his life. This year, the Post staff recounted memories of Bailey’s news reporting prowess and took turns telling stories about how Chauncey touched their lives. “He was a one-man wire service. He did it all,” said Cobb. Chauncey was the editor of the Post while also writing for three other Bay Area papers. He had his own TV newscast on SoulBeat and OUR TV, which he co-founded. He also wrote stories for many other publications and even had his own TV show. “I have never seen anyone work as hard and as productively as Chauncey Bailey,” said Post production manager Jack Naidu. The Post staff and his longtime Vietnamese friend John Le voted to establish a permanent way to acknowledge homicide victims.
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