Actor Omar Gooding Gives Back

Bishop J. E. Watkins of Overcomers With Hope and actor Omar Gooding at the West Oakland Community Information Center.

Omar Gooding serving food to the youth.

Acclaimed actor Omar Gooding stopped by the Peralta College Digital Arts Media Technology Training Program in West Oakland Thursday afternoon to offer words of encouragement and praise to the young students. The program, which serves youth ages 16 to 24, is operated by Bishop J. E. Watkins, executive director and founder of Overcomers with Hope. Best known for his roles in “Baby Boy” and “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,” Gooding visited the program to give back to the youth. Earlier the same day, he served food to youth at the “Hood Kitchen” BBQ Showdown from the TV show “Hood Kitchen.” All the food went to feed young people and the community. No one left hungry.
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