Hodge Surrenders Peralta Seat

Marcie Hodge

By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor There is guaranteed to be a new face on the Peralta Community College District governing board next year following the unexpected decision by two-term Area 2 Trustee Marcie Hodge not to run for re-election in November. Four candidates filed to run for Hodge’s vacated seat: Hodge’s brother-in-law, Amey Management Services owner Tyriene Amey, who only recently relocated to the Bay Area; former Peralta Student Trustee Jurena Storm; Meredith Brown;, and Green Party member Randy Renaldo Menjivar. Area 2 takes up the farthest eastern sections of Oakland, and roughly takes in the boundaries of Oakland Council Districts 6 and 7. Hodge could not be reached for comment to give reasons why she was not running for re-election. She surprised many political observers in 2004 when she easily beat out Peralta colleges counselor Johnny Lorigo for the open Area 2 seat by a two to one margin. She just as easily won re-election in 2008 against educator and consultant Marlon McWilson, who now serves on the Alameda County School Board. But Hodge’s attempts to run for office outside of the Peralta Trustee Board were not nearly successful. In 2006, in a three-way race, she was handily beaten by incumbent Oakland City Council District 6 member Desley Brooks, 53 percent to 35 percent. And in 2010 she received only 3 percent of the vote while coming in fifth in a 10-member field for Oakland mayor. Hodge’s early years on the Peralta Trustee Board were sometimes marked by a rocky relationship with other trustees. In 2005, following a contentious series of meetings in which Hodge called for the abolition of the district’s controversial International Education Department, Hodge was censured by the Peralta Trustee Board. But relations between Hodge and other trustees had appeared to settle down in recent years. Hodge’s decision to step away from the Peralta board may have been affected by the 2009 death from natural causes at 34 years old of her brother and political mentor, Jason Hodge. Her brother served for several terms on the Oakland School Board. Jason Hodge also served as Marcie Hodge’s campaign manager during her two Peralta trustee races and her unsuccessful run for Brooks’ seat. Hodge’s brother-in-law, 36 year old Tyriene Amey, is a Los Angeles native and a graduate of West Point with a B.S. in Engineering Management. He founded Amey Management Services following a two-year stint in the army and a brief career with Pepsico and Nestle. Amey Management operated in both Southern California and the Bay Area, but relocated its headquarters from Los Angeles to Oakland after Amey moved to Oakland in July. Storm, who has worked in human resources management and public and media relations for several local firms, is a member of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, a political science major at UC Berkeley, and a graduate of the College of Alameda. Meredith Brown and Randy Renaldo Menjivar filed for the Area 2 Trustee seat at the last minute, with Menjivar switching over from the District 7 Oakland City Council race against incumbent Larry Reid. The Post could not obtain any more information on the two last candidates by deadline.
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