Local Author Helps Parents of High School Students

Betty McGee

Author Betty McGee is passionate about her career at the Oakland Unified School District, where she helps students who are at risk of failing find an alternative school setting where they can complete their studies. Her passion to rescue and redirect high school students also has compelled her to lend needed assistance to their parents. She has written a book, “ Take Back The Wheel: How to Help Make Your Teenager’s High School Journey Successful.” A number of educators are calling the book a “must read” for parents who are about to enroll their teenager in high school and those who are experiencing “the Blues” because their teenager’s high school progress is on an unsuccessful path. Her clearly written book explores issues that many parents face: How to prepare your child for high school; selecting a school that can best meet a child’s academic and social needs; the importance of attending a school orientation for new students; Why following proper registration guidelines is critical; how not participating in a child’s education hurts his or her chances for success; ways to take action when problems first come up; where parents can seek help. McGee has over 20 years experience of redirecting troubled Oakland high school teenagers.  She worked for 13 years as an Outreach Consultant at Oakland Technical High School and is recognized by the State Department of Education as leading one of the  “Best Parent Training Programs.” She currently works in Oaland at the district level as an Alternative Placement Specialist. “Take Back the Wheel” is available in paperback from Marcus Bookstore in Oakland and online at Amazon.com.
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