Some African Americans Want Sheriff Mirkarimi to Keep His Job

Ross Mirkarimi

Halifu Ayise

Bob Johnson

Rochelle Metcalf

Agonafer Shiferaw

By Post Staff
Though the San Francisco Ethnics Commission found former Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi had committed official misconduct, the commission gave no recommendation as to whether he should be removed from office. The decision on Mirkarimi’s future now rests with the Board of Supervisors. The sheriff needs the votes of three supervisors to remain in office. In a recent survey some of African American voters in San Francisco’s Western Addition, an overwhelming majority said they are against violence against women and that the sheriff should keep his job. The positions of those surveyed varied from suggesting that Mirkarimi should be  cleared outright, reprimanded or suspended with or without pay. Only one person said the sheriff should be fired. Many of the women in the survey, while deploring violence against women, felt it was unfair to suspend Mirkarimi without pay, leaving him unable to feed and take care of his family. Some felt that the bruise on his wife’s arm did not rise to the level of domestic violence.  A majority felt that he could not be dismissed for misconduct in office because he had not been sworn into office yet. Some felt that the case was strictly political and a conspiracy to move a progressive out of office. Here is a sample of interviews: Halifu Ayise, said the case against Mirkarimi was a political witch hunt and power grab by certain elements in the city seeking to stop the former supervisor from implementing a liberal agenda in the city’s jail. Rochelle Metcalf argued that Mirkarimi should not have been suspended without pay.  She felt it was a shame his child and wife have to go without food while this political drama plays out. She that while there may have been reasons for some action against Mirkarimi, removing him from office is way over the top, especially given the fact that he had not assumed office yet. Mario Rogers, a Western Addition Resident, said Mayor Lee made a major miscalculation. “ I think he thought that Ross would roll over after he tricked him into taking the plea deal and accepted the false imprisonment charge,” said Rogers. Women who asked to remain anonymous said Mirkarimi should be suspended with pay. A woman who identified herself as Bridgett said, “The role of the sheriff is protect and serve, and Mirkarimi was not a good role model.” Another woman, Yvette, felt there should be zero tolerance for violence against women, but the incident did not rise to the point to warrant removal. According to Agonafer Shiferaw, “This is political hypocrisy. If this is supposed to be political or ethical morality, look at what San Francisco did with the previous mayor for what he did to his best friend’s wife. He was promoted to Lt. Governor.”
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