AfroSolo Arts Festival 19, Sept. 7-9

Byb Chanel Bibene

Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe

Jovelyn Richards

AfroSolo Arts Festival 19 will present the “Black Voices” performance series, featuring Byb Chanel Bibene, Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe, and Jovelyn Richards this weekend at the African American Art & Culture Complex, 762 Fulton St. in San Francisco. The performances will be held on Friday, Sept. 7 and Saturday, Sept. 8 at 7:30 p.m. On Sunday, Sept. 9, the performance will be at 3 p.m. Byb Chanel Bibene will perform “Skin Talk Skin Mood,” which speaks of his identity adventures, in which his skin color has played an important role in all the societies that he has visited since he left the Congo in Africa.  As artistic director/choreographer of the acclaimed Kiandanda Dance Theater,  Bibene has performed nationally and internationally. Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe  will perform “Black Gold,” an excerpt from, “Traveling While Black,” the second part of her “Adventures of a Black Girl” trilogy. Black Gold places the West African deity Mami Wata and the enslaved explorer Estavanico in a politically and erotically charged confrontation as the piece explores the tense conflagration between  oil, water, slavery, colonialism and empire. Cooper-Anifowoshe is an award winning director, actor and writer who has worked in the Bay Area for more than 20 years. .Jovelyn Richards will perform “Strippin’ Down to Story.” Set in 1865, a formerly enslaved woman named Maw Maw ponders freedom for herself and her only remaining child, Sweet Baby. After three days of sleeping in a bean field, listening to the last of gunfire and chaos, she heads to the river, where she asks the spirits to help her survive. General Admission is $25. For tickets go to
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