Two Bay Area Scholars Complete Doctorates

Nacole Predom Love

William F. Ellis

By Post Staff Two Bay Area scholars, Nacole Predom Love and William F. Ellis, have completed doctoral degrees this summer with research about the history of pirate radio stations and the omission of the legendary Paul Robeson from the public school curriculum in the U.S. Dr. Love’s dissertation studied  pirate radio stations that she and her filmmaker husband, Lyle Love, are now preparing as a documentary film  for entry in the Sundance film festival. The dissertation documented the history of pirate radio as a path for alternative viewpoints and interviewed participants in a local pirate radio station, Berkeley Liberation Radio, about their work. She highlighted the role of pirate radio in new legislation that legalizes community radio but refuses to legalize those who created it in the first place. Dr. Ellis took an action research approach to study how the life and work of Paul Robeson has been excluded from school curriculum, despite Robeson’s record of achievement as a scholar, athlete, Phi Beta Kappan, actor in both popular and Shakespearean theater, a singer and an international advocate for peace and justice. One example provided by Ellis was a textbook that mentions Robeson very briefly in the context of the Harlem Renaissance but gives no clue to his ideas, his voice as an African-American or his effectiveness as a political advocate. Dr. Ellis is a veteran teacher-educator who has worked in collaboration with the Bay Area Paul Robeson Centennial Committee and local teachers to rectify this situation, at the same time he studied its impact. Both Dr. Love and Dr. Ellis received their doctorates from the Fielding Graduate University at a ceremony held a month ago in Alexandria, Virginia.
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