Drummer Ayinde Webb Wins Music Scholarship

Drummer Ayinde Webb of Oakland.

Berklee College of Music and the Monterey Jazz Festival announced this week that drummer Ayinde Webb of Oakland has been named the 16th recipient of a full music scholarship. The Jimmy Lyons Scholarship at Berklee, located in Boston, is named in honor of the festival’s late founder, James L. (Jimmy) Lyons, who began the festival 55 years ago with jazz education at its core. The Lyons Scholarship is awarded each year to one music student from the Western U.S., in recognition of outstanding talent. Because it is a full-tuition, renewable award, satisfactory academic and musical progress in each successive year will allow each Lyons Scholar to attend Berklee through graduation, entirely tuition-free. In pursuit of his passion for jazz and improvisational-based music, Webb began his studies at Berklee in Boston earlier this month.  He will sit in at the Monterey Jazz Festival with his new classmates in the Berklee Monterey Sextet, at 8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 21,on the Garden Stage, and again at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept 22 in the Coffee House. Webb, 18, is a graduate of Oakland School for the Arts, with an emphasis in instrumental music.  He became interested in drumming at a young age. Between the ages of two and five, he practiced drumming on anything that would produce the sounds he wished to hear. When his father fell ill, Webb stopped playing.  But after his father’s death in 2006, something called Webb back to the drum set, and, on his own, he began to voraciously study the masters. He then began six years of instruction with master drummers E.W. Wainwright, student of Elvin Jones, and Jaz Sawyer, Abbey Lincoln’s drummer for the final 10 years of her career. Since 2008, he has been senior drummer for the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music’s Frederick Douglass Youth Ensemble, and house drummer for Branice McKenzie’s “Not Just for Singer’s only” music salon.
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