Beth Eden: “Women Leading in Such a Time as This”

From left to right: Narrator Dr.Rosa V. James, Director Sister Shirley James, Servant Brother Royal Taylor, Sister Robbie DeBose, Sister LaTanya Mitchell, Sister Sharla Bass, Brother Michael Littlejohn, Sister Jane Jones, Brother Karl Seabrook, Sister Floria Smith, Sister Amber Nails, Reverend Johnny Brown Sr. Photos by David Scott.

Left to right: Dr. Rosa V. James (Narrator), Margaret Boyer, Co-Producer, Keynote Speaker Rev. Phyllis Scott of Tree Of Life Empowerment Ministies.

By David Scott Beth Eden Baptist Church, located at 1183 10th St. in West Oakland, celebrated its Women’s Mission Society 53rd Annual Consecrated Giving Service on Aug. 19. The service, ‘’Women Leading in Such a Time as This,’’ was based on the Biblical Old Testament leader Queen Esther, ‘’And who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this,” Esther 4:14. Margaret Boyer-Gaddy and Shirley James produced and directed the play  ‘’Queen with A Mission,’’ performed by the Beth Eden Women Mission Society Actors Guild. Narrated by First Lady Dr. Rosa V. James, the cast portrayed Old Testament leaders like Queen Vashti, Mordecai, King  Xerxes, Mehuman and Teresh. Boyer-Gaddy and James of the Beth Eden Mission Society  had the idea in 2010 to do something different and exciting for the church. The vision was presented to Pastor James for approval, giving rise to the annual play based on Biblical stories. The stories were mixed with humor and music, delivering a clear message, ‘’Obey God’.’. After the play, the preached word was delivered by Pastor Phyllis Scott, founder of Tree of Life Empowerment Ministries Church  at 10619 MacArthur Blvd. in East Oakland. Pastor Scott preached a sermon, ‘’We are clay … in the Potter’s hands.’’ “We come first to consecrate ourselves for the service of God and then to sacrificially bring our gifts to the altar that we might have the financial means to carry out this mission that we have been called to do,” said Pastor Scott.
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