Oakland Housing Authority Opens Waitlist

The Oakland Housing Authority (OHA), which provides housing for low-income families, seniors and people living with disabilities, has announced it will open its waitlist inviting pre-applications for nine (9) different Public Housing and Project-Based Voucher Sites scattered throughout Oakland. Pre-applications will be accepted during a five-day period, from Monday, Sept. 24 through Friday, Sept. 28, using a web-based submission process only. The housing authority will utilize the Oakland Public Library (OPL) and community-based organizations to provide access to computers and on-site technical assistance. Following the close of the waitlist on Friday, September 28, a computerized lottery will be conducted by an independent third party vendor in which each pre-application will be assigned a number and drawn at random. The pre-applications selected in the lottery will then be ranked by criteria that include whether applicants are veterans, elderly, disabled, o live or work in Oakland. An estimated 8,000 total households will be chosen for all nine (9) locations included in this waitlist opening. Notifications of lottery results will be sent to all applicants within 120 days from the close of the waitlist. A separate waitlist will be generated for each location. Households have the option to apply for more than one  location using the same web-based pre-application. Among the sites available is the newly renovated  100-unit Palo Vista Gardens in East Oakland, which is designated for seniors.  The project-based voucher sites are typically 4-8-unit apartment complexes and are located throughout diverse neighborhoods in Oakland. Lockwood Gardens and Peralta Village are larger complexes that accommodate families, seniors and people with disabilities. “We continue to improve both the quality of the housing we manage and the choices our clients have in where they live.  This waitlist opportunity allows families to determine which property they feel is best for their household, which could be based on a number of considerations including their work, family and school,” said Eric Johnson, OHA Executive Director. Housing is available for OHA for low- or very low-income families, who are at 50 percent Area Median Income (AMI) for Project-Based Voucher site units and 80 percent AMI for Public Housing units. For information,  email info@oakha.org, or visit www.oakha.org, or call 510-874-1653.
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