Vallejo Mayor Wants Atty. General to Investigate Five Police Shootings

Mario Romero, shown with daughter, was killed by police officers.

Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis said Wednesday he will seek an independent investigation into the recent officer-involved shooting death of Mario Romero. Davis said he will ask the City Council to request that Attorney Gen. Kamala Harris’ office look into concerns raised since police officers killed Romero, 23, and wounded another man while they sat in his car outside Romero’s North Vallejo home early Sept. 2. Police contend that when officers approached Romero’s car, he reached for a weapon that turned out to be a pellet gun, and that is why they fired at him. Family members, however, have vehemently denied that he had such a weapon, or police assertions that he had 50 ecstasy tablets in his car. Vallejo has been the site of five officer-involved fatalities since May.
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