“Tax Targets Poor and Marginalized Communities,” Says Pastor Cassandry Keys

Pastor Cassandry Keys. Photo by Joe L. Fisher, Black American Political Action Committee (BAPAC).

By Kia Croom Pastor Cassandry Keys, the new Pastor of Davis Chapel Christian Methodist Church, is concerned that the city’s proposed soda tax will hurt those who are already experiencing financial turmoil. “To put any other expense on the backs of people keeps them from achieving their dreams. It takes away from their education and homeownership dreams,” she said. “If passed, in the tax will affect the most poor and marginalized communities in West Contra Costa County,” she said. “ So, those communities not seeking the tax should stand with Richmond to prevent something similar from happening in their communities.” Keys believes the best way to combat obesity is to promote physical activity among community members. “We need to create physical activity for our kids. We have conditioned our kids to sit in front of the computer and use social media. We have to promote physical fitness.”
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