Etheridge, First Black Peace Corps Volunteer in Gambia

Clinton Etheridge

Longtime Oakland resident and former Allen Temple Baptist Church scoutmaster Clinton Etheridge took his 4-year granddaughter Brianna and his three adult children to Gambia, West Africa, where he was the first black Peace Corps volunteer in country from 1970-1972. In 1972, Etheridge met Alex Haley in Gambia, while the author was finalizing his research on his famous book, “Roots.” Etheridge, who grew up in Harlem and helped finance Everett & Jones Barbeque at Jack London Square as a banker, will be writing a series of articles for the Post describing what led him to the Peace Corps Gambia and the Black family values that motivated him to return some 40 years later with his children and granddaughter. Don’t miss his upcoming series of articles.
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