Tolbert Runs for Oakland City Council At-Large

Carol Lee Tolbert

Carol Lee Tolbert, a candidate for the Oakland City Council At-Large seat, is running for office as a “voice for change.” An Oakland native, she is a graduate of Oakland schools and raised her children in Oakland. Her top priority is to reduce crime. “It is unacceptable that Oakland is the fourth most dangerous city in the nation, while we are spending millions of dollars on police misconduct cases,” she said. “The Federal Police Consent Decree (to reform the Oakland Police Department) has not been fully complied with; Measure Y (a public safety bond) has never been fully implemented by the incumbent council; recent homicides have left our city reeling,” she said. “In order to reduce crime, I will focus on creating jobs and business growth, emphasize ‘hire Oakland first’ on all major contracts such as the Oakland Army Base and Coliseum City,” said Tolbert “Furthermore, I will demand constitutional policing, fully implement Cease Fire (a crime reduction plan) and Measure Y, increase recreational activities for our youth and young adults, and work to develop a Comprehensive Safety Plan.” Her other priorities include senior and disabled services, affordable housing and the environment. For information go to or call 510-593-1926.
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