Noel Gallo, District 5 Candidate

Noel Gallo

By Post Staff Noel Gallo, a member of the Oakland school board since 1992, is running for the District 5 seat on the Oakland City Council. “Leadership has never been more crucial to our City’s future,” said Gallo. “It is essential that we focus on ‘core’ services: infrastructure, crime protection, education, and economic development to regain our reputation as a city that serves its citizens well. “ District 5 has been represented for many years by Ignacio de la Fuente who is not running again for his seat but is instead seeking the Council At-Large position. Gallo, a lifelong resident of Oakland, graduated from Saint Elizabeth High School. He also attended UC Berkeley, earning a business degree. He works as a regional director of Ray & Associates, Iowa, leading superintendent searches for school districts across the country. He has been married for 30 years and has four children. His wife Aliza works for the City of Oakland as the Economic Development Coordinator, Office of Economic and Workforce Development. Gallo says his campaign priorities are “creating safe streets, promoting high-performing public schools, developing new jobs and bringing more revenues. And most of importantly, we must increase government efficiency.” “Oakland is a city of great neighborhoods; each deserves to be attractive, viable, and safe.” Gallo’s public safety plan focuses on reducing crime by creating more jobs. “City leaders must attract new businesses and work with existing businesses to support their success so that they will be able to hire Oakland residents,” he said. He wants to increase the number of police officers patrolling Oakland streets and neighborhoods. “If crime is our city’s number one problem, we need to make crime prevention our number one priority, and we need to prioritize Oakland’s use of technology as a force multiplier to fight crime,” he said. “We need to work with the Oakland Police Officers Association to look at changes in policies and procedures that could assist in responding to Oakland’s situation.” Gallo’s endorsements include the Oakland Firefighters, the Oakland Police Officers Association, the East Bay Small Business Alliance and the Oakland Post. He is also backed by three members of the Oakland City Council, including Ignacio de la Fuente. Faith community supporters include Patten Christian Cathedral, Rev. Gary Moncher; Patten Christian Cathedral, Rev. Wortham Fears; Allen Temple Baptist Church, Pastor Emeritus, Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr.; El Mundo Newspaper Publisher, Paul Cobb and Shiloh Christian pastor, Rev. Michael Moore.
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