Obama Stepped Up

President Obama called Governor Romney out at the second presidential debate on Tuesday, Oct. 16, saying, “Very little of what Governor Romney just said is true.”

President Barack Obama stepped onto the stage on Long Island ready to brawl. Within moments, he had called a Mitt Romney assertion “not true” and ridiculed his opponent’s five-point plan as a one-point plan — that one point being that the wealthy play by one set of rules, while everyone else plays by another. It was a very different Obama from the one who barely showed up for the first debate. “Very little of what Governor Romney just said is true,” Obama said early in the debate. During the first debate, Obama looked down at his notes or his shoes while Romney spoke. At the second debate, he turned away from the audience early to squarely face Romney while directly attacking him on various issues including Libya, deficit and Romney’s infamous 47 percent remark. The third debate, which will focus on foreign affairs is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 22 in Florida.
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