Pastor Henry Washington Setting the Record Straight on Measure N

Pastor Henry Washington. Photo by Joe L. Fisher, Black American Political Action Committee (BAPAC).

By Pastor Henry Washington To those who have asked, “Did Henry Washington endorse Marilyn Langlois and Eduardo Martinez as City Council persons?” I answer, “No, I did not.” I wasn’t asked to endorse their candidacy but rather to share a statement regarding their work on our gun violence efforts. Those are my words, and they are true. However, I think it was clever on their part to use my image (without my permission) in the campaign piece they put out. Lloyd Madden, president of the Black American Political Action Committee (BAPAC) has said from the beginning of the election campaign,”The RPA (Richmond Progressive Alliance) is cagey and smart.” Regarding my neutral stance on Measure N let me set the record straight. I know that sugar’s effects on the body’s vital organs are devastating. Soda is a poor dietary beverage. With this being said, I feel government has no right to penalize one for what they eat or drink. To tax a minority-majority city such as ours is to put a burden on the citizenry that is unfair. I agree with the Honorable Willie Brown who said, “Minorities who have little or no savings must spend most of their income to survive. This means that they are taxed on all they have, will earn and spend.” While I realize the sugar tax measure was written to pass by the narrowest of margin, it would have been better, for many, if it had been made clearer how the tax revenues could or should be used, such as, better nutrition for youth, seniors and adults. All the monies spent on this campaign, for and against, would have been better spent on fighting childhood obesity.
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