Countdown Until the Season Opener

By: Malaika Bobino Oakland, CA – It’s that time of the year again.  We are counting the days until the season opener for the Golden State Warriors.  Only seven more days until the season kicks off. After a stressful lockout year, the NBA is ready to embark on a full season packed with lots of excitement and entertainment.  But for the fans in the Bay Area, the Warriors are doing something different to ensure fan commitment this year. To kick off the fun, Mike Malone, Pete Myers and Jerry DeGregorio all assistance coaches for Golden State interacted with fans today at Lucky’s grocery store located at Fruitvale and E. 9th Street.  The coaches bagged groceries and walked throughout the store making conversation with customers about the upcoming season. Myers who wasted no time choosing from paper and plastic, expressed how bagging groceries was one of his jobs before pursuing his basketball career.  Malone also bagged while DeGregorio walked through each aisle with shoppers asking about their favorite NBA teams and players. “I’m used to doing this, I bagged groceries back in Alabama, it was my second job,” said Pete.  “For us [coaches] its always great to come into the community with our fans, they give us so much during the year.” The coaches handed out Warriors season schedules and tickets for the upcoming Cleveland Cavaliers game on November 7th.  A kind gesture to let fans know how much they’re appreciated despite the organization’s commitment to move the team to San Francisco in 2017. “We are still the Bay Area’s team regardless, there’s one team in the Bay Area and that’s the Warriors,” Mike said.  “We want love from everybody and we’re going to give that love back to everybody wherever it might be.” The customers were more than ecstatic to interact with the coaches while being rung up by the cashier.  Many were startled but embraced the moment to ask why the team would leave the city.  The coaches reassured them all that the focus is on this season but that doesn’t stop them from keeping the best fans in the NBA from an exciting season ahead. “It’s great way to get out and meet the fans to encourage them to support our local NBA team,” said shopper Sean Thomas.  “It really helps to remind them how many people are rooting for them who aren’t able to attend games for whatever reason.  This is an awesome service by the Warriors.” The team and the organization want to provide more than a great product on the court.  They want to see a team active in the community and be positive role models.  So, mark your calendars because we are seven days away from an amazing upcoming season.
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