Bishop Jackson Calls for Oakland State of Emergency

Governor Jerry Brown with Bishop Bob Jackson at Acts Full Gospel Church.

By Carla Thomas Governor Jerry Brown visited Oakland’s Acts Full Gospel Church of God in Christ last Sunday, urging people to register to vote and seeking support for Proposition 30 – his tax measure on the November ballot. Bishop Jackson took the opportunity to ask the governor to declare a state of emergency in Oakland. “I don’t mean to put you on the spot or on blast, but you know what our city is going through with these killings – our city is in dire straits – it’s under siege,  he said. “Black and brown boys are dying at an alarming rate,” he said. “ Can you declare the City of Oakland in a state of emergency, so we can get some help here to make public safety number one?  We need your help,” continued Jackson. Brown vowed to strengthen the Highway Patrol  presence in the city.  “We will make sure our Highway Patrol is beefed up and works with the police department and works with Acts Full Gospel Church, working together with the community and police,” Brown said. “We’re going to have peace in our city in the name of Jesus.  I’ve got to protect our community,” said Jackson. Brown told the congregation why he is backing Proposition 30. “(It is) important to schools, families and to jobs and to California’s future, a measure to raise taxes to put into schools, universities and make sure that California can take care of business,” said Brown. Over the last five years California has lost 30,000 teachers in cut backs and thousands of classes at community colleges throughout the state, he said. “Many colleges like Laney have been affected throughout the state, and even school days have been cut back,” said Brown. During his first term as governor in 1975, Brown said,  the top 1%  earned about 8 percent of all the income in California, but in 2012 that group will earn 22 percent of all income. “ That’s a big difference, and that came from the rest of society – the lower income, the middle income people – it’s only fair that the people who have done so well at the top, that they give back a little bit to our future.”
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