Marilyn Singleton, 9th District Candidate for Congress

Marilyn Singleton

Marilyn Singleton is an independent candidate who is running against incumbent Barbara Lee to represent the 9th District of California in Congress. “I want a forum for discussion with Alameda County residents and anyone interested in moving our district in a fresh new direction,” she said on her website. “The days of old ideas are numbered. I believe free-market solutions to both social and economic problems are the way forward.” Singleton was born in San Diego, earned a B.A. from Stanford University, a medical degree from UC San Francisco and a law degree from UC Berkeley Law. A resident of Oakland for 25 years, she is an anesthesiologist and an attorney. As for the role of government in regulating the economy and funding social programs, she argues that federal regualtion and spending should be limited and that  spending should focus on supporitng local and individual initatives. “We want limited but effective government that gives us value for our tax dollars. We want government to protect our lives, not run our lives. Washington is spending $10.4 billion per day – three times more than in 2007, she said. “I believe the role of government is not to manipulate commerce,” said Singleton. “ Despite some well-publicized bad apples, our free enterprise system and the free market of ideas have brought more prosperity and a higher standard of living to the greatest number of people, regardless of race or color. “ She advocates lowing wages for youth in order to encourage employers to give young people a chance to gain a foothold in the workplace. “Businesses cannot really afford to pay them what is required by regulations,” she said. But  at a lower, hourly wage,  young   people would learn about work – they would learn by rubbing shoulders with other workers in the workplace environment. “Within months, they can transition into regular jobs at full pay,” she said. She has studied the new health care law (ObamaCare) and does not support it. “We all agreed that something had to be done to improve healthcare delivery in our country,” she said.” But (ObamaCare) neither protects patients nor is affordable.”
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