Faith Leaders Back Prop. 39 for Jobs

East Bay faith leaders took the lead in the campaign for Proposition 39 this week, saying it will create tens of thousands of entry-level jobs with a real future for jobless youth. “Voting yes on Prop. 39 is the moral thing to do,” Rev. Phil Lawson told a press conference at Laney College Thursday. Rev. Lawson is as a retired United Methodist pastor and long-time civil rights leader. Prop. 39 will fund installation of clean-energy projects at schools and public buildings – and provide training for stable jobs in that fast-growing field. The faith leaders picked Laney for the press conference to showcase the college as a model for job training. Laney recently received an Obama administration grant to ramp up its clean-energy job training. “Jobs are the most important thing for Oakland today,” OCCUR Executive Director David Glover told the Yes-on-39 press conference. Prop. 39 will end the state’s official tax discrimination against California-based businesses that drive local businesses and job out of the state, said Rev. Ron Stief, coordinator of the Faith Leaders for Jobs, Environment and Community. Installing the clean-energy projects also will create 20,000 to 30,000 construction jobs quickly, he said. “By being better stewards of creation, we also can provide many more jobs,” Rev. Steif said. Rev. B.K. Woodson Sr., Pastor, Bay Area Christian Connection and East Bay Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice also supposed the initiative, along with community leaders included Peralta Community Colleges trustees Abel Guillen and Linda Handley. Art Pulaski, head of the California Labor Federation, joined the local faith and community leaders to support Prop. 39. he California Council of Churches IMPACT, Progressive Christians Uniting, Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, Clergy and Laity for Economic Justice (CLUE), and Faith Leaders for Jobs, Environment and Community are campaigning throughout the state for Prop. 39.
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