Expo Celebrates Launch of Zuggol, New iPhone App

Zuggol founders Isaac Reed (left) and Chris Cruz (right) at their Do Anything Expo on October 13, where they launched their goal-oriented app, which is expected to be in the App store in mid December.

By Ashley Chambers With a kickoff that combined a fashion show and live music, Zuggol (pronounced zug-gle) celebrated the beta launch of its goal-oriented iPhone app at its Do Anything Expo on Saturday, Oct. 13. Sponsored by Lamborghini, Velvety Wine and Fusion Soul SF, the upscale event was held at British Motors in San Francisco, Based in South San Francisco, Zuggol was founded in January 2011 by San Francisco natives Chris Cruz and Isaac Reed, both 24. According to its creators, the app is “designed to be an interactive social support system geared to give people an instant fun and rewarding experience while achieving goals.” “It helps people set goals in six specific fields-business, education, fashion, art, fitness and music,” said co-founder Reed. “We wanted to have an event that tied into some of those fields by giving feedback on the fashion and musical aspects,” he said. The fashion show, styled by Holly Jane Cornell and City Style House, featured designs by Gina DiGirolamo with jewelry by Lindsey K. Eisentraut. DiGirolamo, who graduated in 2010 with a degree in fashion design, showcased her eclectic style with a neutral palette of flowy dresses in long and short lengths. The entertainment included a vocal performance by Anna Lisa Matias, as the app displayed in the background. Empowering their peers to be proactive in reaching their goals, Zuggol founders wanted to provide a platform to network, be creative and become successful. Features of the app include status reflections, a motivational feature that allows users to be inspired by others, and a network where users can form a social support group of friends that share the same career aspirations. “One of the main things in achieving a goal is it’s really hard to stay focused if you’re not in the environment that you want to be in,” said co-founder. “[Zuggol] gives you social support for your goals and gives you a shared network of likeminded people. We’re trying to build a community based on what you want to achieve in life.” As first-generation college graduates, Cruz and Reed have accomplished a lot and say they want to show others the endless possibilities of living out their dreams. “I was told it wasn’t possible…but seeing it materialize and having a great team behind you feels really good,” Cruz said. “Believe in yourself; if you really want it, you have to be adamant.” “We lack transference of wealth and economic support,” Reed said. “I want to provide that for future generations, letting people know that it is possible to start a business and have success.” The beta-test launch will be released early November with the final app in the App store in mid December. For information, visit www.zuggol.com.

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