No on N Campaign Offers Rides to the Polls

The No on Measure N campaign is offering free rides to voters in Richmond who need assistance making it to the polls. Any voter can dial 510-307-5580 to schedule a free ride. The campaign offers rides to any voter regardless of how they intend to vote on Measure N or on any other ballot measure or candidate. The campaign is encouraging voters to call early to secure a ride. In response to efforts by Republicans and conservative leaning groups working to suppress Democratic voters around the country, the No on Measure N campaign has set-up an election protection hotline so Richmond voters can get help if they encounter difficulties voting. The campaign will have lawyers standing by to provide assistance if a voter runs into a situation that may prevent them from voting. Last year, 12 states instituted voter suppression measures, while 25 more have introduced them. Under a recent Texas law, voters can use licenses to carry concealed handguns to vote, but not student ID cards. The states that have already passed voter-suppression legislation that impact 171 electoral votes – 270 are needed to be elected president. At least 12 states introduced legislation that would require a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. The election protection hotline is also a place to report suspicious activity, voter intimidation or any other activities that may suppress voters.
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