Sheryl Walton Runs for District 7 Seat on City Council

Sheryl Walton, who is running for the District 7 seat on the Oakland City Council, says she stands for change. “Today the elderly are afraid to walk two blocks from their homes, and parents fear for their children,” said Walton, who was raised in Oakland in the 1960s and believes that in the past community members were more accountable for each other. “I will fight for a safe and healthy Oakland for everyone and bring that sense of hope, family, and culture back to District 7,” she said. Transforming forgotten neighborhoods, restoring police staffing and supporting the Ceasefire Initiative to reduce shootings and homicides are among Walton’s top priorities. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in child development from Mills College and a MA in public health from UC Berkeley. Walton has 25 years experience in public health implementing violence prevention, economic development and education programs throughout California, A member of Allen Temple Baptist Church, she is the single parent of a 28-year-old son who earned a Masters degree in theology and is an ordained minister. As chair of the Central City East Project Area Committee, Walton led in the adoption of the Implementation Plan for the entire Central City East Redevelopment Project Area, resulting in a $1.25 million savings. The area includes the MacArthur corridor streetscape, 98th and Mac Arthur and Foothill Square projects in District 7. Walton’s community capacity building model was key in the development of Oakland’s City-County Neighborhood Initiative, promoting community input and preventing violence in District 7, she said. She is also an author. She contributed a chapter in the book “Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Welfare.” President Obama also wrote a chapter in the book. “I need your first choice vote, and after Nov. 6 I will need your guidance and action – together we can change our city,” she said. Among her supporters are the Sierra Club, Oakland Education Association and the Alameda Labor Council.
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