Celebrations! Come On!

From left to right: Libby Schaaf, Gay Plair Cobb, Rebecca Kaplan and Barbara Parker. celebrate after election victories on Tuesday night at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle. Photo by Dianne Millner.

L-R: Brigitte Cook, Campaign Coordinator, Councilmember Elect Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Casey Farmer, Campaign Manager. Photo by Rodney Spencer.

Rob Bonta celebrates his victory on Tuesday night with his wife Mia.

Dan Kalb was elected this week to the Oakland City Council representing District 1 with 52.09 percent of the vote.

Jumoke Hinton Hodge

Rob Bonta won Tuesday’s election to represent the 18th Assembly District as California State Assemblyman, succeeding Sandré Swanson who was termed out. Receiving 50.79 percent of the popular vote, Bonta beat fellow Democrat Abel Guillen. Barbara Parker- Barbara Parker was elected as City Attorney on Tuesday, winning a landslide victory of 68.46 percent of the votes over opponent Jane Brunner. Parker celebrated with District 4 Councilmember Libby Schaaf, Oakland Private Industry Council CEO Gay Cobb and City Councilmember At-Large Rebecca Kaplan Tuesday night at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle. Rebecca Kaplan- Rebecca Kaplan was re-elected as City Councilmember At-Large in Tuesday’s election with 60.74 percent of the votes, overwhelmingly defeating Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente. Her other opponents included Carol Lee Tolbert, Theresa Anderson, and Mick Storm. Lynette Gibson McElhaney- Lynette Gibson McElhaney was elected to represent City Council District 3 on Tuesday, winning 53.76 percent of popular votes over runner-up Sean Sullivan. McElhaney’s other opponents were Derrick Muhammad, Nyeisha DeWitt, Alex Miller-Cole, and Larry Lionel Young, Jr. Noel Gallo- Noel Gallo was elected as City Councilmember for District 5 with 54.68 percent of the popular vote. Gallo beat competitors Mario Juarez, Dawn McMahan, and Aracely Garza. Larry Reid- Larry Reid was re-elected as City Councilmember for District 7, defeating opponents Sheryl Walton and Beverly Williams. Reid, who has served on the City Council since 1997, was re-elected with 59.46 percent of the vote. Jumoke Hinton Hodge- Jumoke Hinton Hodge was re-elected as the School Board Director for District 3, winning a decisive 61.16 percent of the vote over Richard Fuentes and Benjamin Lang. This is Hinton Hodge’s second term in office.
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