City College Parcel Tax, Neighborhood Parks Bond Pass

Most of the measures on the San Francisco ballot were approved by voters this week, including the Measure A San Francisco City College parcel tax to provide the college with funds the state cannot take away, offset budget cuts and prevent layoffs. Measure A was designed to ensure an affordable, quality education for students; maintain essential courses such as writing, math, science, and other general education; prepare students for four-year universities; provide workforce training including nursing, engineering, technology and business. The tax allows the San Francisco Community College District to levy $79 per parcel annually for eight years. Also passing was Measure B, the Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, designed to improve the safety and quality of neighborhood parks across the city and waterfront open spaces, enhance water quality and clean up environmental contamination along the Bay, replace unsafe playgrounds, fix restrooms, improve access for the disabled, The city will issue $195 million dollars in General Obligation bonds, Measure C, Housing Trust Fund allows the city to amend its charter to create a Housing Trust Fund that supports affordable housing for low-income and moderate-income households; and change the affordable housing requirements imposed on some private residential developments. Measure D, consolidating odd-year municipal elections, and Measure E, which will reduce or eliminate the tax on payroll costs, both passed. Measure F, a water and environment plan designed to drain the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, failed. Measure G – Policy Opposing Corporate Personhood, says it shall be the city policy that corporations should not have the same constitutional rights as human beings and should be subject to political spending limits.
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