City Manager Proposes Raises for Police Chief, Asst. City Manger to Be Taken from His Own Salary

Assistant City Manager
Lianne Marshall

Police Chief
Sandra Spagnoli

City Manager
Chris Zapata

The San Leandro City Council will consider a recommendation Monday by City Manager Chris Zapata to offer 5-year employment agreements to Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli and Assistant City Manager Lianne Marshall. As part of the recommended agreements, the police chief and assistant city manager would receive raises of $10,000 annually effective Jan. 1.  The cost of these raises would be offset by City Manager Zapata taking a $20,000 annual pay reduction for the remaining two years of his contract. The city manager in his report to the city council cited the need for stability in the organization due to workforce reduction, diminished resources and recent executive departures. He also provided information on current police chief vacancies in the region, as well as a review of past performance by Spagnoli and Marshall. “The Police Chief is critically important to the community and organization as is the assistant city manager. Both have been extremely effective in leading San Leandro during this unique and challenging time for local government,” said Zapata. In addition to a commitment through 2017, the agreements would provide a 3.5 percent pay raise.  Over the 5-year contract both employees would receive raises of 12.5 percent and 11.5 percent respectively and commit to paying their full share of employee retirement costs at 9 percent for Chief Spagnoli and 8 percent for Assistant City Manager Marshall. Zapata is recommending the approval based on performance, alignment with city council goals and the need to retain executive talent.
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