Marin City Rod & Gun Club Carries On

Some of the Rod and Gun Club members from left: Leroy Barrow, Jesse Polk, Claudis Banks.

Dishes served at a Rod and Gun Club Huntsman dinner: Top row from left : Bear meatball, Pheasant. Bottom row: Hog Cracklins, Vension, Catfish.

By Felecia Gaston The Marin City Rod & Gun Club, founded in 1952, is an organization that preserves a tradition of hunting, sportsmanship and close family relations. Celebrating 60 years, the founding families include people who had migrated from the South to Marin City. Some of the names include the Polks, Banks, Jeffersons, McIntouch, Bohanans, Smiths, Bakers, Thompsons, Parkers, Johnsons, Grays, Cobbs, Berrys, Pages, Grinners, Wayfers, Phillips, and Wades. The tradition in which the men hunt for game all over Northern California during the fall still continues. The hunt includes deer, bear, pheasant, squirrel, rabbits and freshwater fish. The club hosts a huntsman dinner every other year in which meat and fish are prepared and served to members and the community at large. The club is also community oriented, over the years giving scholarships for books and to support college-bound students. Outdoor education is also a big passion, so families participate in camping, especially in Scotts Flat in the foothills and Clear Lake. The club’s goal is to keep the traditions alive, to partner with local youth organizations and to continue the Rod & Gun Club as a legacy for the future.
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