Wade Harper is New Antioch Mayor


Mayor Wade Harper

New Antioch Mayor Wade Harper is ready to get to work to improve the city. “I feel pretty good,” Harper said. “We worked really hard to win this election because we want the best for Antioch. We want to reduce crime, we want to improve our city, we want to deal with truancy issues and get jobs for our young people.” Harper, 48, had formerly served as the city’s vice mayor. His previous experience includes 24 years in law enforcement, education in leadership and numerous management trainings and time on the City Council. He stands for hiring more police “Antioch crime is of emergency proportions as our crime rate has skyrocketed. Citizens are worried about being robbed or assaulted. We fear our children will succumb to the influences of gangs and drug dealers,” he said. “Something must be done now – Antioch needs a zero-tolerance approach to drive crime out of our city.” A strong truancy ordinance, he said, will help “keep kids in school and out of trouble.” “Let’s find the kids and bring them back to school. I will work with district attorney to begin prosecuting parents who continually allow their kids to cut school,” he said.  “If students remain in school, they have a better chance of succeeding in a career and in life.” Harper also plans to clean up blight in the city. “We need to stop talking about blight, and clean up dilapidated properties – even if it means confiscating property and levying high fines on landlords,” he said. “Banks that foreclose on family residences need to be legally held accountable to keep these properties properly maintained and free of squatters.”
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