An Evening of Poetry and Song at the Hannah Gallery

From left: Vernie Hollingsworth, E. Wayne Tyree, Florence Williams, Jenia Fusilier, Citrina Niles, Gary and Michelle Schelfer, Larry Beachum, Ruby Wilson, Pashia Lord.

The Hannah Gallery hosted an evening of Gospel Word, song and poetry last Sunday evening. E. Wayne Tyree, the main poet and speaker, was introduced by Ralph Wheeler. Tyree’s poetry and social commentary has won him acclaim in New York and on the East Coast. His poetry has been described as “often stinging and hauntingly beautiful spoken word.” Jenia Fusilier, Pashia Lord, Citrina Niles, Voices of Praise and Florence Williams participated in song. Here is a poem that Tyree wrote and shared at the Hannah Gallery. It is a prayer for President Obama. Make Him Your Possession Lord, in your invocation, walk with President Obama along the sacred rivers flowing in his mind. Guide President Obama to the springs of grace. Protect him from the jealousies of our eyes. Fill his heart with love and the goodness of your charity. Lord, talk to President Obama in the corridors of his being. Take him into the confidence of your love, his wealth. Keep from his spirit any mysticism of doubt. Shower President Obama with the reigns of the shepherds you placed in the fields. Lord, lead President Obama with the peace of a healing thought, the strength of a pure word spoken in your presence. Keep him grounded in faith. Lord, give President Obama your guidance every hour of the day. Keep his heart open to the wisdom of service. Make of him your possession. Give him the light of knowing thy will. Amen @ E. Wayne Tyree 2012
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