Richmond Needs A Health Clinic

Brazell H. Carter, MD

By Brazell H. Carter, MD Proposition N, the tax initiative aimed at fighting obesity by taxing foods containing excessive amounts of sugar, was a noble idea. Unfortunately it was ill conceived as it unfairly created a rise in food costs for Richmond residents. Fortunately it was defeated. As a physician, I agree that for obvious health reasons we need to drastically decrease the consumption of sugar in our diets.  We also need to decrease the amounts of fat and salt in our diets and emphasize exercise as a balanced approach to better health. The health of the Richmond community and the health of the nation will hinge on our ability to better educate the populace around making wise choices in our dietary selections. If we are to truly address this issue, let us dedicate our efforts toward building a health education/medical center in Richmond.  We could not only provide information about health for the community, but we could also provide a modern medical clinic to attract more physicians to Richmond. Currently, health services in Richmond are limited and are likely to fall short of expected needs with the advent of Obamacare.  Many Richmond residents seek medical care outside of the city, a trend likely to increase in the future. Dr. William Jenkins, a practicing pediatrician in Richmond for over 50 years, died recently. It would be quite an honor to dedicate a medical facility in his name to further serve the people of Richmond.
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