Tony Saunders and Friends Perform in Marin City

From left: Matt Clark (piano-keyboards), Angelo Luster (sax), Darin P. Gray (drums), Tony Saunders (bass), Anna Lissa Jade, Daryl Prater, and Stacy Hogg (backup). (Photo by Godfrey Lee).

Tony Saunders and his band played at the Hannah Gallery in Marin City last Saturday night, performing many songs from Saunder’s new album, “Romancing The Bass” and the hit single “Bigger than Outside.” Rapper Thiyane Pointer performed with the band. Saunders has recorded with Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Elton John. Versed in jazz, pop, gospel, rock, and R&B, his studio crew has played on more than 250 tracks that Saunders has produced, arranged and composed for other artists. “Romancing the Bass” is the result years of work with great artists, Saunders said. “It is a mixture of all the music that pours out of my heart. Playing with so many great people of all styles of music has always made my soul pour out great music. ‘Romancing the Bass’ is my romance of life..,” he said. The son of keyboard legend Merl Saunders, he developed strong ties to families and churches in in Marin City when he visited his Aunt Wilma during summers while he was a boy. “I am glad to be able to give back to a place where my roots run so deep,” Saunders said. “This concert is a small gesture, given with great love.”
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