Raiders have no answer for Broncos

By: Malaika Bobino Oakland, CA – The highlight of the night was the fifteen former Raiders Hall of Fame players that returned to light the torch for Al Davis.  A memorable reunion which included NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goodell brought back some of the best players that ever donned a silver and black uniform. Unfortunately for the current roster, they earned their sixth straight loss.  Oakland once again failed to compete and lost 26-13 to the Denver Broncos.  After a tumultuous short week, the Raiders offense looked more like a college team than professional.  Despite running back Darren McFadden’s return he looked nothing of the past when he broke records against this team. “It was a competitive game and the momentum changed on the sack fumble,” said head coach Dennis Allen.  “We wanted to get Darren back and he had some nice touches.” After missing four games, McFadden sparked the offense when rushed for a 36-yard run on the first play from scrimmage but Oakland was stopped in Bronco territory and was forced to punt.  He did score on a 6-yard touchdown before leaving the game after re-injuring the same ankle that kept out. “To rack up this many losses in a row in the fashion that we’ve done is extremely frustrating,” Carson Palmer said. The Raiders have recorded their longest losing skid by losing six in a row since 2007.  Palmer was again ineffective in leading his team to a win.  He thwarted a possible scoring opportunity when he threw an interception and fumbled to set up Denver’s second touchdown of the game.  In fact, Carson’s struggles have been the only thing consistent all season. Peyton Manning didn’t disappoint and reached his 30th touchdown pass on the opening drive to become the fastest quarterback to earn 5,000 career completions.  The good news for Raider fans was that Manning got sacked four times and Oakland’s defense only allowed the Broncos to one touchdown despite Palmer’s fumble on their own goal line. Forcing Denver to kick four field goals is a minor accomplishment compared to the beatings they’ve given teams in the past.  The defense was the only positive outcome of the game.  With a 3-10 record, the Raiders continue to disappoint their fans and the rest of the world. The most confusing decision came before the game when Oakland won the coin toss but decided to defer until the second half.  The decision backfired as Peyton was successful in scoring on a 68-yard drive with a 6-yard pass to Joel Dressen.  The Raiders opened up the second half as they’ve done in the past, horribly. “We have to get off that field as a defense on third downs, that’s what we’re expected to do and that’s what we have to do, there’s no excuse” said Philip Wheehler.  “We can’t have those long drives, that’s what has to be eliminated.” “Our consistency as a football team has not been where it needs to be,” Allen said.  There times when we do some really good things and then there’s times where we compound mistakes and that’s where we have to do a better job at.”
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