New Science and Math Club for Local Students

Top, from left to right: Miguel Castaneda, Torriee Stigler, Alonzo Harden Jr., Lonnie Holmes, Angela Moore; Bottom row: Jameisha Perkins, Shyneem Parks, Giselle Castaneda , Yolanda Cowans.Photo By Joe L. Fisher, BAPAC

By Kia Croom The Center for Human Development has launched a new program called the STEM Klub, which will promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education for West Contra Costa Unified School District high school students. The STEM Klub is offered afterschool twice weekly for 1.5 hours at the center. Students can take part a variety activities including working on Richmond Enhancement Team’s community garden, field trips and other hands-on workshops. “It’s a change in approach to the science and engineering disciplines,” said Angela Moore, program director of the Center for Human Development. With this approach, we are intent on preparing students for college and successful careers in STEM fields.” “I love coming to the STEM Klub program – I never thought about light energy before or all the light sources around us,” said Lonnie a student at Hercules High School and program participant. To learn more about the STEM Klub contact Angela Moore at (510) 234-5359.
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