Will City Lose Hundreds of Jobs to Develop Army Base?


Half a dozen businesses, employing a total of nearly 1,000 workers, are being evicted from the army base without any transition planning to keep them in Oakland. The OaklandWORKS Alliance is circulating a letter and petition, saying the promise of hundreds of future jobs created by the army base development project should not be an excuse for unnecessarily ending hundreds of current jobs. OaklandWORKS asks people to copy the letter below and send it by email to the City Administrator, dsantana@oaklandnet. com.Dear Mayor Quan, City Administrator Santana, and Members of the City Council: The City of Oakland is evicting more than a dozen local businesses from the Oakland Army Base. These businesses have been part of Oakland for many years and employ about a thousand local, diverse residents in important work such as Port logistics and film creation. The city is promising thousands of jobs for Oakland residents in the distant future, while it is unnecessarily destroying the jobs of hundreds who already work on Army Base property. Please provide a suitable alternative location and transition plan in Oakland for these businesses so that they can continue to operate successfully, and workers can keep their jobs during this transitional phase of the army base development. Signed OaklandWORKS Alliance is hosting a roundtable discussion, “What a Job Seeker and a Small Business Owner Need from a Jobs and Resource Center,” noon to 3 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 8 at the West Oakland Library, 1801 Adeline St., Oakland. For information call (510) 435-7396.
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