Perfect SAT Score for Philadelphia Student

Cameron Clarke, 18, a Germantown Academy senior.

By Jenice Armstrong Cameron Clarke, 18, a senior at Germantown Academy in Philadelphia, Penn. has scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT. That’s right. A perfect score. That hardly ever happens. Although more than 1.66 million students took the SAT in 2012, only 360 test takers nationwide achieved a 2400, according to SAT officials. It was Cameron’s second try. The first time, he received a fist-pumping 2190 – better than 98.5 percent of all test-takers. But deep down inside, he knew he could do better. . “I put in a lot of work,” 18-year-old Cameron told me when I visited his house in Mount Airy. “I took a prep class with some of my friends, and I did a lot of practice tests from a book. “But that only prepares you so much,” he explained. “The difference between getting, like, a 2400 and a couple of points lower is just focus. “You can screw up or mess up on the smallest of things,” he said. “And I just feel like on that particular day, I was focused and I got kind of lucky, I guess, that I didn’t make any mistakes.” His mother, Mary Jones, teaches Spanish at Father Judge High School. His dad, Peter Clarke, owns the Reef Restaurant and Lounge.
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