1Richmond Supports Local Youth

First row: left to right – Anthony Ingram, Greg Bluitt Jr., Charles Williams Sr.; Second Row: left to right – Wayne Captain, Councilmember Nathanial Bates, Larry Caldwell Jr., Karl Hardiaman Jr., G. Harper, Frank Thomas, Michael Jackson, Steven Bates; Third Row: left to right – Mike Sauce, Willie Barnstine, Sam Barnstine, Charles Williams Sr., Councilmember Corky Courtland Booze. Myron Ross, Leonard Neal, Otheree Christian; Fourth Row: left to right – Dale Roberts, Kelvin Davis Sr., Demark Barnstine, Gary Mason, Rev. Ellis, M. Crenshaw; Fifth Row: left to right – Gerald Bilbo, Michael Williams. Photo by Joe L. Fisher, Black American Political Action Committee (BAPAC).

By Kia Croom, 1Richmond is a nonprofit agency organized to unite Richmond neighborhoods to reduce violence, raise public awareness and involvement and advance the education or Richmond’s youth. Although 1Richmond is a new organization, its leadership and supporters have been actively involved in the community, offering activities for youth, providing security at after-school sporting events, organizing think tanks and working with youth to advert  crime and violence. “We are not choir boys,” said Mike Williams, 1Richmond CEO.  “Each one of the founders has had a reputation at one time, kind of like the youth we serve. We are what you would consider ‘O.Gs’. We have all overcome our challenges, and now we want to help the younger generation do the same thing.” 1Richmond was founded in August of this year by a group of citizens representing local neighborhoods, including North Richmond, Central Richmond, South Richmond and Parchester Village. “We are tired of hearing of all the negativity associated with Richmond,” said Williams. “We want to re-work the image of Richmond youth and rebuild the city’s trust in Richmond youth. We look forward to doing some positive things with youth and partnering with other youth serving agencies.”
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