Holiday Message

Rev. Dr. W. Haziah Williams

By Rev. Dr. W. Haziah Williams,1988 “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight.” This is a most insightful arrival of understanding the dilemma of reality. The words are more searing today than ever.  The hopes and the fears are not only met in the occasion but are mingled in such a way that we may become hostages, not of the terror, but of the balance between hope and fear and the paralysis flowing there from. All of the hope routed in the tradition, all of the hope laid upon a life through the yearnings and struggles of community were born and expressed in the intricacy of a personal existence in time. The hopes and fears of all the years, and all of the intermingled contradictions, come with us this season to the manger.  The angels said, “Peace on Earth, Good Will among all people”. That is an amazing hope and a major statement.  The forces moving against that hope appear to have the upper hand.  But Jesus comes to underscore that our life is an opportunity to move against the death dealing forces of history, and to give ourselves over to the truth, the good and the beauty that we have seen. Jesus’ expression is in his example, and that example, along with others who attempt to take it seriously, has created a break water against the oblivion of everything God obviously intended by all of the intricacy, majesty, grandeur, and beauty of the creation.
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