The wait is over…. It's Pryor's time

By: Malaika Bobino Oakland, CA – The decision was made and he will finally start his first NFL game since being signed two years ago.  Raiders head coach Dennsi Allen announced the news to media Friday before Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers. “It’s my decision and I have decided to go with Terrelle Pryor as our quarterback,” said Allen.  “He’ll start the game, the plan is to see how the game dictates and we’ll go from there. Despite being the final game of the season, the wait is over.  In preseason Pryor wowed us with his ability to run the ball and pass when needed.  His athleticism overall is somewhat similar to how the San Francisco 49ers used back-up Colin Kaepernick with the “wild cat”. However, Oakland decided against the “wild cat” and stayed with their starting quarterback Carson Palmer.  But things changed after Palmer was injured with a bruised lung and cracked ribs against the Carolina Panthers last week and ruled out for the season. “I think really we’ve been around Terrelle for a whole season and we know what his strengths and weakness are but we really want to give him an opportunity, a chance to play and it gives us a view into the future,” Dennis explained. The third-string quarterback had been patient all season.  He stayed close under Carson learning as much as he could and often praised Palmer as a father-figure and dear friend.  After seeing some action during the pre-season Terrelle had enough time to prepare for this day. “I’m ready,” said Pryor.  “I had a decent week of reps, I show cased in practice with help from Carson and Matt.  I felt comfortable.  I felt like a leader in the huddle when I was in there.  I look forward to the opportunity.” This will be Terrelle’s first start since leading Ohio State to a 31-36 win over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl on January 4, 2011 when he was named Most Valuable Player.
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