Local Innovators Produce Winning Mobile Apps

County officials and staff pose with the creators of Green by Me, the app that won the Alameda County Apps Challenge at Berkeley High School on Saturday, April 27. From left to right: Supervisor Keith Carson, Jonathan Wu, Evan Richards, Rachel Van Egmond, Fernando Romero, Interim Director of ITD/ROV Tim Dupuis, Samantha Ready of Salesforce, Eddy Perez of Salesforce, County Administrator Susan Muranishi.

A clever mobile app that allows users to locate green businesses in Alameda County was the first-place winner in the Alameda County Apps Challenge 2013  on Saturday, April 27. The First Prize winner, called Green By Me, was the top selection of 20 apps and app concepts presented at the end of the daylong festival of collaboration, coding and app building, held at Berkeley High School. Creators of the winning app – which allows users to check in at the selected green businesses and earn badges for doing so –  shared a $3,000 prize. The three prizewinners were among 20 teams that each developed apps or concepts during Saturday’s 5-hour hack period by tapping into public records made available by Alameda County. Green By Me edged out Second Prize-winner Where to Dump It, an app that attempts to answer the question: “Where Do I Dump My Hazardous Waste?’’  The app, which earned its creators $1500, uses Google maps to display disposal locations, and allows users to filter the map by types of hazardous waste like batteries, paint, and solvents. A $500 Third Prize was awarded to the creators of Home School, designed to help parents make a more educated decision when buying a house. The app provides parents with public school ratings and private school costs in a particular area, allowing the user to factor in education costs when determining the affordability of a neighborhood. “I was impressed with the wide range of participants of all ages who brought innovative ideas to the table about how open data can be utilized to improve our lives,’’ said Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson. For more information visit http://code.acgov.org/
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