Ms. Turtle Celebrates Two Years at Marin’s Manzanita Child Center

Diana Hernandez, a student at the center, holding Ms. Turtle.

By Godfrey Lee Children and staff at Manzanita Child Center are celebrating the second anniversary of the date when Ms. Turtle first moved in with them. Discovered in a backyard by a Marin City resident, the turtle – a Red-ear Rock Slider that lives in fresh water – was donated to the center.  The children thought she was a female because her claws and tail were shorter than those of a male and decided to name her Ms. Turtle. Quickly becoming a neighborhood celebrity, Ms. Turtle receives visitors from the Marin Learning Center, located down the street. Parents also stop by to say hello. Ms. Turtle is a party animal. She responds when called and enjoys turning over the toy boat that holds her food. Children at the center learn how to care for the turtle, hunting for worms for her lunch.
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