Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff Backs More Money for Low-Income, English-Learner Students

Bob Huff

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) supported Governor Jerry Brown’s school funding plan. In a statement released Tuesday Huff said, “Of all the options being presented by California’s majority party, the governor’s plan does the most to help students from low-income families, and those students still facing the challenge of mastering English.”   “Directing money based solely on the needs of individual students won’t level the playing field for students and families in need. We also must take into account the neighborhoods where those students live.” “At the same time, these new school funding dollars must also be linked to fundamental education reforms, such as increasing teacher accountability, and replacing outdated last-hired first-fired policies,” added Huff.  “One thing is certain: simply giving more money to a system that’s failing our kids will not deliver the quality educations they deserve.  Any new money should be tied to reforms.” In a telephone interview with Post Publisher Paul Cobb, Huff said he was associating his budget stance with Gov. Brown because “Everybody recognizes that the current system is broken. We should put the money where the need is the greatest to get better outcomes by treating our teachers with respect.”
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