Street Academy Students Celebrate Senior Projects

Nkosi Richardson

Jessica Lopez

Seniors at Oakland’s Emiliano Zapata Street Academy recently celebrated  completion of their senior projects, giving 10-minute presentations on the social issue of their choice to an enthusiastic audience of the school’s parents and staff- Their projects were the culmination of two quarters of hard work, anxiety and worry, since a completed senior project is a graduation requirement at the school. The seniors and their topics included: Claudia Barrientos – Child Abuse; Lucy Barron – Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)/Factory Farming; Michael Brown – African American Male Achievement; Egypt Claxton – Lack of Access to Alternative Medicines; Paul Crossley III – Global Warming; Denise Forester – Death Penalty; Dilean Gamez – Child Depression/Art Therapy; Twannisha Gilbert – Teen Depression; Zoe Glover – Access to Quality Preschool; Gabriela Huerta – Gender Stereotypes in the Media; Anne Hurley – Loss of Culture in Native American Communities; Jessica Lopez – Human Trafficking; Theo Lulua – Colonialism’s Affect on Native American Health; Elizama Ramirez – Immigrants’ Human Rights Violations; Adam Reyes – Graffiti; Leon Richardson – Gay Discrimination; Nkosi Richardson – Media’s Effect on Youth; Gabriela  Rodriguez – Youth Violence; Richard Vetarde – Animal Abuse. Each senior project must include research, 60 hours of community service; a 20-page paper that is a combination of personal anecdote, background and argumentative essays; and a professional presentation. The Oakland Emiliano Street Academy, a high school that has educated generations of the city’s teenagers, will celebrate its 40th anniversary Thursday, May 30,  6 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, Suite 290 at 388 9th St. in Oakland. Tickets are $40. For information call the school at the Street Academy (510) 874-3630.
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