Chevron Offers Training Program in Petrochemical Industry

As a community member for more than 110 years, Chevron has been dedicated to supporting the economic development of the Richmond community.
In helping to ensure people are well trained and can compete for well-paying career jobs, the company is sponsoring the Contra Costa County Office of Education’s Regional Occupational Program (ROP).
The ROP offers two training courses: the Process Plant Operator (PPO) Program and the Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (IMM) Program, both providing a free job skills training class to help prepare students for a job in the petrochemical industry. Some of the topics covered include learning basic mechanical skills, communication skills, resume writing, basic math and chemistry.
“Career technical education builds interest in learning because it integrates classroom academics and career skills,” said Nathaniel “Butter” Simms, ROP Instructor. “This partnership links the classroom to the world of work, creating a gateway to future careers.”
The program provides participants with experience in different industry fields and gives them the opportunity to connect with local employers and demonstrate their skills.
To participate in the ROP: students must be 18 years or older; must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent; must pass a basic math skills and basic reading comprehension test; and must go through an instructor interview/assessment.
For more information about the program, visit or or call 510.758.4782 ext. 102.

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  1. Unless Chevron actually made an offer those who participated in the class a job offer, then these two programs serve as little more than good PR for the company. I mean, really, in order to be a process plant operator, you need a college education.

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